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Small Business information

Welcome to Our Commercial Portfolio of Properties and Services

 Randy D Comer personally thanks you for visiting Comer Properties.com, your comprehensive guide  to Commercial Real Estate in Alaska, the Lower forty-eight, and Worldwide.

 "Mr. Comer represents the Commercial Industry well, he simply says what he will do, and then  does it." Kevin Rustin, Anchorage, AK

 A personal note

 Hi, I'm thankful and glad you're here. May I take a moment of your time to share who I am.

 My Purpose: To help others meet their lifetime goals and reach their dreams.

My Beliefs:

· YES, you can do what is right and be successful
· YES, you can be both ethical and profitable
· YES, you can honor God, serve others, and fulfill your professional goals
· YES, you become what you believe and do every day

My Motto:

Success is Not Confusing
With Productivity

Mission Statement:

As a real estate professional
I must create the Win, Win Environment

My Vision:

Those that Understand the Principals of Wealth
will Attribute their Success
to Those who Helped them Achieve it

My Goal:

To Help seven to ten clients Develop an investment Portfolio
that Exceeds expectations,
where over time our Partnership becomes Friendships

 Personal Profile

 Randy was born in 1955 and raised in the small town of Reidsville, North Carolina where honesty,  integrity, & a strong work ethic were the way of life.

 Randy attended Rockingham Community College in 1975 and after graduating with a Arts degree  he went on to further his education at North Carolina State University, while living in Raleigh, NC  he brought his first real estate investment property.

 Understanding "change" in the American workplace is paramount. Randy gives his BA degree in  Organizational Management much credit to helping understand how and why the work place has  evolved.

 Mr. Comer understands business whether small or large. His business career includes working at  the management level in a fortune 500 company. Mr. Comer has owned as well as operated many  small businesses and knows the obstacles facing small business today.

 He and his lovely wife are proud parents of three wonderful sons, he considers each of them a true  blessing from God.

 Randy's wife is a lifelong Alaskan. They met after he moved to Anchorage in 1984. He has brought  and sold real estate since arriving in Alaska. They currently own real estate in Anchorage, the  Valley, and North Carolina.

 Besides the real estate business, the couple owns a Bed and Breakfast in the Anchorage, Alaska.

 Randy has a Masters of Business Administration Management from the Alaska Pacific University. He  also attended classes at Donau University, a Graduate school in Krems, Austria.

 Randy believes in education, but academic studies only provide concepts or theories. The real  education comes from real life experiences. Just as character strengthens over time, we should  ever lose the desire to learn.

 Randy has studied real estate since 1979, and along with personal acquisitions, real estate  classes, and becoming a licensed agent in 1991, he has devoted full time interest to Commercial  Real Estate.

 Randy and his family are devoted to their church, Faith Christian Community. Spiritual growth is a  top priority for The Comer's. Randy believes God's wisdom, your spiritual core, provides your source  for strength, purpose, and direction.

 His work in the community beyond FCC includes being Chairman for the Alaska Hotel & Lodging Association. Some of his past duties with AH&LA included Chairman of the Marketing Committee and Chairman of the Stars of the Industry Committee.

By now our future is determined

In these few words we have tried to convey who we are, if this is the type of person you want to  represent you, read on!

Why me?

 I'm experienced in the business world, I've studied business, and I'm involved in businesses. By  now you have some sense of my nature. Your perseverance has brought you this far, if high ethical  standards reflect your team current members, them I'm interested in working with you.